Thursday, May 15, 2014

How to create facebook app for website integration

How to create Facebook application to get app id for your website

In this article, I’ll show you how to set up a Facebook application for your website domain so you can integrate Facebook features on your website, such as the Share Button, which require that your domain have an App ID. Facebook defines “App ID” or “appId” as “a unique identifier for your site that ensures that we have the right level of security in place between the user and your website.”

When integrating the Facebook Social Plugins (Like Button, Send Button, Comments, etc.) into your website pages you don’t need an App ID, but for other features an App ID required, such as the Share Button.

It’s pretty easy to set up a Facebook application for your domain, providing you with an App ID you can use for Facebook integration features on all pages of your domain or subdomains of your domain.

Here’s how…

Step – 1: You need to become a Facebook Developer

I assume that you are new to Facebook app development and you have not ever created Facebook app in your life till yet but you already using Facebook as user(if not register yourself first for Facebook) . First login to the Facebook by 

Once you logged in, register yourself first as Facebook developer by using following link . If you are already register Facebook developer skip this step.

Facebook with ask your phone number and other relevant information. This is just to verification process. Facebook will send you verification code on your mobile which you suppose to enter as confirmation code.

That’s it. This all your have to do yourself register as Facebook developer.

Step – 2: Create new app

Go to App Tab, Click on Create a new App

Facebook as your application Display Name, now wherever your application is displayed this name will be appear. And Namespace is unique space with in which any area of your application development become unique.

Once you enter this details Facebook will ask you Security Check code to Enter (Captcha). On successful creation user reached dashboard as landing page as seen below. Here please note AppId for future reference

Step – 3: Setting up your App for web development

Go to Settings Tab and Click on Add Platform

Now here Select Website

Add URL of your website on which you would like to integrate with Facebook such as “” . Save Changes.App is ready to be used now.

As a developer most important thing for you is your AppId will be used for the Facebook App to work

That's all you have to ...

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